Japan’s car maker Honda’s Iconic car Honda City has a lot of craze in the world. This car was first launched in 1998. Since then, the car has kept its hold in the market till date. Many models of this car have been upgraded to the market according to the need of the market. This car is still counted by Honda’s best selling car. Its 1498CC engine, which enjoys Honda’s powerful and smooth driving, generates power from 99-117 horsepower. The name of this car coming with its latest technology and features is just enough. This car has become a status symbol for people. Recently, in Honda’s car this car has two new versions Honda City MT and Honda City CVT. So let’s know which car of these Honda City cars can be better for you.

Honda City has a 1.5 liter diesel and petrol engine. The diesel engine of this car is capable of generating torque of 200Nm with 100PS power. At the same gasoline engine, this car generates torque of 145Nm with the power of 119PS. However manual and CVT gearbox option in Honda City’s petrol engine car is available. In the diesel engine, only 6-speed MT gear transmission option is available. Honda City MT and CVT car variant offers different types of performance in Real World. Compared to the transmission base.

It was revealed in the test that the CVT of Honda City’s Petrol Mt gets much faster and takes the speed. Honda City CVT takes 2.26sec more time to catch the speed of 100. The reason for the speed of the Honda MT is that there is no fixed gear ratio in Honda’s CVT car due to which when the throttle down occurs, it takes longer time to catch the speed of the car. If there is talk of a MT version car then it is packed with speed gear, so that the speed of the car stays the same. Therefore, the MT version car of Honda City is capable of catching up to 100 speeds over much speed.

Disc brakes are provided in front tires of both cars as well as drum brakes in the rear. Even after this, both cars are seen performing differently in the test. Where on one hand, the Honda CVT comes in speed of 100 or 80 in a very short time, even with its strong braking system at 0 speed. While the Honda CVT weighs 23 Kg. By the way, the braking system is very low in both cars.